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Assisted Living vs. Nursing Home

Assisted Living Home

Differences between Assisted Living Homes and Nurse Care Home

It can be difficult when choosing between an assisted living home and a nurse care home for a loved one or for you. This situation mainly arises because of subtle or no knowledge and experience of this two healthcare intended service facilities.

Assisted living home and nurse care home have demonstrable differences notwithstanding that both share a common sole purpose; which is to provide health care assistance. Their differences circles around medical services provided and the physical plant of each community. Both are designated for different types of residents.

In this article, we will be comparing the differences between the two facilities.

Degree of care

Assisted living care homes assist in the restoration of the well-being of its residents. It offers a higher level of personal care than someone living in his/her own home. Its aim is to provide an ambiance that would promote getting back to the former state of health. It might be someone living with a memory problem and any other that does not require the victim to be left alone. Residents of this facility are less monitored because they are living with less severe health conditions.  Its services are offered by 24-hour caregivers. They don’t offer skilled nursing services. Custodial care is as well given such as feeding, bathing, and dressing.

Nurse home care places emphasis on the close supervision of the health status of its residents. This facility has at its disposal registered and skilled nurses who offer round the clock services to attend to its resident’s complex health conditions. Most of its residents have a long-term illness and require registered nurses to help monitor them. They are given extensive and exclusive medical care.  Custodial care might be given to the resident (s). This is because their complex health ailments require total surveillance and assistance to those having it.

Cost between Assisted Living and Nursing Homes


The nursing care home is far more costly than the assisted living care home. This is because of the payment of a high form of service by residents in the nurse care home. Payments of service rendered by the highly experienced and skilled nurse and other forms of care service in this facility contribute to this cost.

Nurse care and assisted living care homes vary at the type of residents residing in them and the severity of their health conditions. In order for you to make a better choice at choosing between this two, ensure that you ascertain from your doctor, how serious your health condition is.

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