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Assisted Living Signs

Does Your Aging Parent Need Assisted Living Care? Here are Some Signs to Watch Out For

Grandparents with grand kids

If you are an adult child of an aging parent, chances are you are wondering whether they require assisted living or adult care at some point. It is only natural to worry about your mom or dad, especially if you live miles away, and you don’t get to see them often.

So, how will you know if it is time to get some adult care? Here are some signs that will tell you that your parents might be better off with assisted living:


Did mom tell you about falling off down the stairs the other day? Was the tea kettle left on the stove all night? Has your parent ended up lost during one of those usual walks in the neighborhood park? Are there unexplained bruises in different parts of their body?


Does dad look a bit thinner these days? Every time you visit, do you find the refrigerator empty, while the pantry still looks the same since the last time you saw it, and the canned goods have gone expired in the shelves? Are there any recent visits to the emergency room? Do you notice a failure in your parent’s vision? Do they feel hesitant to drive late at night, something that they used to do quite a lot easier? Do you find yourself repeating things over and over again when you talk to them?

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It is fairly common for the older adults to experience a decline in mobility. The cause for concern is if they reached the point when they can no longer get around that well anymore, they find it hard to climb the stairs to the bedroom, or they have difficulties in bending over when trying to pick up something. Read more about Prescott assisted living choices: pleasantvalleycarehome.com/levels-of-care/


Does the house of your parent look different from what you can remember in the past? Is it cluttered, with the front yard untidy and unkempt? Are there piles of garbage?


Are bills paid late or worse, no longer paid? Is the box full of unopened mail? Are there some donations made to charities that your parent has never told you about?


Is Mom no longer part of the knitting circle? Did you stop her volunteer work as a reading mentor at the nearby school? Did Dad stop taking care of the garden despite it being his most favorite pastime all these years?

Adult Care Signs

Irritability or Confusion

Did your father forget to call you on a Tuesday evening like what he has done for as long as you can remember? Does Mom become more impatient than usual whenever you talk to her? Do your parents lose track of time or things?

If you ever say Yes to one or more of these signs, it probably means that your parent needs some adult care. In case you still don’t have a plan for family transition put in place and haven’t considered assisted living, now might be the perfect time to consider it. After all, your parents deserve only the best.


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