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When is Adult Care Needed

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Is It the Right Time for Assisted Adult Care Living? Ways to Help Your Aging Parent Through the Transition

As your parents or elderly loved one’s age, there are various things in life they can no longer handle on their own. It might not be obvious at first that aging parents need help with their daily activities or it might come up suddenly after an incident, for instance. So, when is really the right time that your elderly loved ones need adult care or assisted independent living?

Adult and Assisted Care Signs

Warning Signs to Take Note

Psychological and emotional changes including anxiety may be one of the numerous behaviors that might show seniors aren’t coping very well alone. Are there some clear signs of being overly confused or forgetful? Are there changes or signs in their social interaction or emotional state? There are times that sudden changes in one’s mental status may be due to a disease, an infection or side effects of various medicines. If the doctor hasn’t found a physical cause for the change, assisted living or adult care homes are the best option. There are also other signs that somebody might need help and these are:


  • Inability call 911
  • Not paying the bills
  • Inability to go to the bathroom
  • Lack of personal hygiene
  • Falls
  • Not taking a medicine properly
  • Unintended weight loss

How Can You Ease the Transition for Your Aging Parents?

You might not always agree on the perfect way to help parents, yet cooperation is important for smooth transition to assisted living or assisted care. In this way, your aging parents can easily adjust and live comfortably.


What Should You Look for Adult Care Homes or Assisted Living Facility?

Preparing for the transition into assisted living must start as soon as possible before it is needed when possible. You may start talking about it early and before there’s a medical even for the reason that you’re in crisis mode. If you have your plan, you might have to implement this. Families that do not have a plan are the ones who are in crisis and should make uninformed and quick decisions.

To know if an assisted living facility is good for your loved ones, you must pay attention to the add-on costs, dietary options, offered daily activities, patients to caregiver ratio, federal or state records for infractions, and how your chosen facility smells.



According to an expert, visiting the facility for several times is beneficial in evaluating its sustainability. You can start searching for adult care homes online or in your local area. We here at Pleasant Valley Care Home understand you have a busy schedule and welcome tours of our residence that accommodates your schedule. Once you start to compare all assisted living facilities available near your area you will feel more confident in this new stage of your family members life.

If you are confused with the options in front of you, try asking for suggestions or recommendations. Through this, you can easily spot the one that will provide your aging parents the right care they deserve while staying a comfortable environment.


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