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About Us

Prescott Assisted Living HomesPleasant Valley Care Home – Senior Care Home

For over 20 years we have been providing outstanding quality senior care to our residents.
Our philosophy is to care for and support our residents with dignity and focus on each resident’s needs. We work to know each resident’s unique life story to better understand moments that are meaningful to them. We protect them in a warm, caring and supportive environment where they can experience daily routines and familiar faces.
Our programs are designed to help them feel comfortable, add meaning and value to their life. Their health and well-being are a shared concern among family, friends and our staff who will provide a sense independence and belonging that is so important to all of us.
The high reputation of Pleasant Valley Care Home is due in part to our outstanding management and senior care givers, and our commitment to our residents through superior quality of care.

Moving from your own house into a Prescott assisted living residence can be one of the toughest decisions you can ever make. Most of the time, this is a decision that is made by the children of an elderly family member. It could probably be because they are having troubles with looking after their parents in their own home, or their job requires them to be on the move all the time.

Whatever the reason is, it is good news that seniors can now have a chance to live as comfortable as possible in our Prescott senior care home. Pleasant Valley Care Home offers our residents a number of benefits that make our home welcoming and unique.

Kathy Romines, LCSW, and owner
As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Kathy is ideally suited to oversee all operations. Kathy has years of experience and knowledge in all areas of social work, senior care, elderly issues, and is the compassionate voice for our facility.

Roy Thomas, Owner, and Treasurer.
Lisa Bason, LPN: Licensed Practical Nurse and
all around loving a human.
Melissa McKenzie, ALF, CCG: Manager of daily operations
Clydell A. Fair, CCG: Assistant Manager

Care Givers
Jennifer McQueen, CCG
Deborah O’Campo, CCG
Juana Garcia-Valdivia, ACG
Kim Dickerson, ALF, CCG
Nina Caliguire, CCG
Teresa Kellogg, CCG
Yvonne Hoskins, CCG

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